Erika L. Pearce, PhD

Erika L. Pearce, PhDAssociate Professor of Pathology and Immunology
BJCIH, Room 8215, Suite B/8210
314-286-2549 (lab)
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As part of their normal development during an immune response, T cells undergo extensive metabolic changes to support their energetic and biosynthetic needs. Research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that control T cell fate and function during infection and cancer, with a particular emphasis on how metabolism governs these processes. Currently we have projects investigating T cell metabolism in the tumor microenvironment, the role of mitochondrial dynamics in shaping T cell function, and how T cells utilize substrates during infection. Ultimately we hope our research will reveal ways to manipulate the metabolism of immune cells for enhancing the efficacy of immunotherapeutic and prophylactic vaccines.

Selected Publications

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